Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Auld Lang Syne, This Spine of Mine

Andrew is home this afternoon. I missed all the PT at the hospital, OT, and any discussions with the Dr's assistant -that kind of sucks. Initially, I was thinking that this release was premature but everyone (med staff) is telling both of us how fast he's recuperating and the fact that he's walking quicker for the first time up is remarkable. Most of the patients they see with any kind of spinal correction are much older and much heavier.

Regardless, I watched him get into bed just a few minutes ago to take a nap and I'm amazed -he's a different man than he was Monday morning coming out of surgery (God, how awful -so much pain). Heh! even a different man than he was on Sunday! His stride has changed, almost evenly -I never noticed how he favored one side most of the time and now that he's off Morphine (one useless and insufficient drug) and taking Darvocet, his pain is down consistently to 4/5 on scale of 10, not 8/9.

Right now, he's got a slight fever and his blood pressure is a bit elevated, but I'm hoping that with some rest at home and not so much loud commotion (as in the hospital), he'll return to a normal state of peace.

Thanks again and we'll let you know when the Mandrew is up for company -I want him to dictate to me his needs. :)

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