Monday, November 13, 2006

Andrew's Surgery: Day 1 - Afternoon/Evening

Andrew's First Day - Not Real Pretty
Hopefully, this is the first and last of the miserable days Andrew has to endure -he can only get better, right?

The Surgery Specifics
Two incisions will be needed: one for the actual fusion and the other is on the hip. Apparently, since I have spondylolysthesis in a weird place (L3-4) he will have to make a second incision to get to the top of the pelvis. It is more common for the condition to occur at L5-S1 and at that level he justs retracts the skin and muscle over a bit and gets to the pelvis that way. I'm not sure which is better or worse.

According to the Physical Therapist at the spine clinic we will have to be a bit careful that the brace does not rub on the hip incision. If it does, he recommended adding some foam padding which we already have at the house.

Post Surgery
After surgery, the Dr spoke to me indicating that the surgery went very well and that he's confident that recovery is going to be quick for Andrew. Boy, I hope so. He's miserable and it's difficult to watch him struggle for that morphine button. It's 5pm and he's trying to rest, although it doesn't seem very restful. Wires dangling, coming in and out of him, lights blinking in the dark and it's only 5:20pm.

Andrew got turned for the first time today just before 5 and I knew that wouldn't be pleasant for him. I'm trying not to become a PIA to the nurses, but because I spend very little time in places like this, I don't know what is a normal request vs the hourly complaint. I do my best to cope, but it's Andrew's welfare I'm concerned about and I will become a pain if I don't think he's being served.

Oh well, as soon as I get this quagmire figured out, we'll be out of here. I am glad we don't have friends and relatives coming and going -it would be too stressful on Andrew and I know I can use the peace not having to answer the same damn question 1000 times 1000 different ways.

Love my friends, but I think the blog is a good way to keep rapport without the physical intrusion.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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