Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Andrew's Surgery: Day 2 - Morning

Auld Lang Syne, This Spine of Mine

We were up-and-down all night due to natural cramping of the immovable body. If he rolled, he'd get nauseous. This morning, he'd get sick due to just being checked out -poor guy. PT should be in soon to fit his brace that sits in the spare chair like part of albino gladiator armour. Nurses say he'll feel 100% better when he does get up, but I get nauseated just thinking about his body coping with the physical adjustments he's going to make just to relearn to swing out of bed.

The surgeon's assistant and nurse were in this morning to confirm that Andrew's progress is extremely well. My version of extremely well is a superhero whose skin mends right before one's eyes, but I guess that only happens in the movies. Anyhow, they're going to yank all of his dependencies on drugs and everything else. I'd like to photo the 'everything else' but I may miss it due to all the wincing I'll be exhibiting in the corner. I can't help it, I've got a morbid sense of curiosity!

Additionally, they indicate because Andrew is doing so well, that they anticipate discharging him tomorrow.Yee-haw! I'm now getting queasy at the fact that I need to form strategy to get him from the car to the house by way of our steep driveway that only spells disastor. I may want to employ the help of a couple large men to assist.

Family thought I was tired yesterday -ain't nothing like today- need to go home to freshen up and feed the boyz.

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