Monday, November 13, 2006

Andrew's Surgery Updates

Monday Morning: O'Freaking Early

Got up at O'Freaking earling this am to drive to Durham Regional. No traffic, clear, relatively easy arrival.Andrew walked in, changed into his little gown and waited for prep. We joked as I walked to keep warm -I guess the darn mini-rooms have heat and cold pumping in every several minutes -quite uncomfortable.

We had the nurse talk to us and ask if we had any Wills or some such issue -boy are we glad she reminded us! Of course, Andrew found a source online to complete his Will, POA, & Health Care and we needed it notarized. Thankfully, a Notary was summoned and she gathered 2 unsuspected witnesses to sign, sign, and sign s'more.

After hitting the cafe to forage a bit of breakfast and do a little work, I returned to the waiting area hoping that they were half way done -they had just started, dammit! Their fist incision was 8:12 and everything was going well -jeez, I'd hope so! Anyhow, it'll be after 10 before I hear anything -I presume.

God, people are noisy around here. I'm going to tell them all to shut up so I can blog!!!

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